Age: 29
Sex: Female
Occupation: Employed
Orientation: Straight
About Me: I am Kimberly by name, blonde hair, white skin and am around 140kg, 5.7ft or so. Am a quiet person, i enjoy spending time at home. I love reading, tv and mostly home cooking. I have interests in traveling, camping and hanging out with friends and family.
Smoking: Non-smoker
User have: No pets
Phone Number: 034509307

Looking For

Room Type: Don't care
Min Price: 0
Max Price: 5000
Need From: 2021 Sep,22
Inclusive of: Electricity , Internet
Pet Allowed: No
Need Car Park: No

About Ideal Sharemate

Age From: Don't Care
Age To: Don't Care
Gender: Don't Care
Occupation: Don't care
Orientation: Don't care
Smokes: Don't Care
About ideal sharemate: any nice room mate out there.