At Rent A Room, we collect a detailed data or information of the users of our online share accommodation service. Our application collects a list of information including the full name, address, phone number, email address, postal code, profession, usage data and cookies. And to collect this information, we either use our application or take the help of third party. This application also accesses the IP address and URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier).

Our services recognise any use if tools and cookies for the success of this application. And the users automatically abide by the rules and responsibility to broadcast and share their details with the application and thereby, relieve the third party of any responsibility. These details also include the minute ones like the time of request sent to this application for using it, time spent on this page, method used for this application, the origin or the country, the browser that is used and also the status of the server and its numerical code that is displayed for an error or a successful outcome.

Data Processing:

The data is processed by computers by using IT enabled tools and for the sole purpose of this application. Apart from data controller, the information can be accessed by sales administration, marketing administration, legal system administration and also third party mail carriers, technical service providers, hosting providers, communication agencies at any time. Our company holds every right to remove or suspend the data at any time.

Legal liabilities:

In case there is any misuse of this application, the company holds every liability to use the user’s information to take legal steps against them. In case of legal necessities, the company can request the third party data controller to reveal the information to public authorities.

Rights of the users:

To make sure that this information of these users is safe and secured, whether it is being stored or not, can be checked by them by consulting with third party data controller. For any modification, update, cancellation and correction, they can contact this data controller at any time. However, this does not entertain or support a “Do Not Track” application. To know if this third party data controller supports a “Do Not Track” application or not, the user can check their privacy policy.

Changes regarding privacy policy:

Our system holds every right to change our privacy policy at any pint of time by letting users know to about any changes with a formal declaration on this page. It is therefore, requested to every user to frequently visit this page and check these latest updates and know the last date of update. In case a user finds any rules and regulations objectionable, they can immediately stop ceasing to use this service. By sending an application, they can request to erase all data. Until then, our company has every right to save and access their data.

By registering to our service, you abide by all of these privacy policies and use this service spontaneously under no pressurization.