Welcome to Rent a Room

Welcome to Rent a Room
Australia always welcomes shifts and transfers from one city to the other. But, it always brings the necessity to access to the best kind of accommodation. Whether you are looking for a new place to rent or you want to share your existing accommodation, it can be difficult to find that perfect person to share with. We at Rent a Room, offer a unique platform to marry anyone looking for share accommodation or have rooms available.

Our speciality:
No matter which part of the country you are living in or are going to live in, we bring a wide range of rooms for rent in Australia. We understand different people have different budgets and their requirements are not identical.  Some may look for luxurious rooms; some may have to find budget friendly rooms. On our online accommodation share accommodation site, we bring the hosts and the tenants together and fulfil their requirements.

What do you get?
If you already own an accommodation and want to share it with others to earn money or cut your cost of living, you can register yourself at our site and meet potential tenants. We also bring potential tenants to meet the hosts and find the best solutions for share accommodation in Australia.  At Rent a Room, are an extremely effective team of online support where hosts and tenants can meet each other and check if their requirements match or not. Our site filters guarantees people meeting your criteria show up in your results search.