Terms and Conditions

We, at Rent A room, are a service application, rather a platform or directory where tenants and landlords can connect with each other. At our site, the landlords seeking to rent their rooms can contact the suitable tenants seeking to rent a room. We entertain only registered applications to access this service for the safety and security of the users. And as soon as you register to our system, you are legally bound by our terms and conditions and agree to comply with them. In case of any improper usage of this application of violation of its interests or to comply with these terms and conditions will lead to criminal and civil penalties.


Rent A Room takes no responsibility for the accuracy of information provided at our site regarding any property or any application. We highly recommend that you thoroughly inspect the accuracy of a property and applicant before you enter into any agreement.

We do not take any responsibility for any kind of damage or loss of any nature regarding an application or an agreement taken place with reference to the property and tenant and landlord details available at our site. We hold absolutely no liability for the honesty, reliability and behaviour of the landlords or tenants. The availability and the quality of a property are also not guaranteed by Rent A Room.


It is entirely upon the power of Rent A Room to delete, refuse and modify and of the content that is listed on the system. Without any prior notice, the company holds the right to cancel any application for registration from any individual or organisation.

We may also pass your information, IP address, and corresponding details to a law enforcement agency in case there is a violation of the trademark and copyright. For submitting the information and their access, the users are solely responsible and Rent A Room holds no liabilities.

Legal liabilities:

Any kind of encouragement to criminal offence or violation of civil interests, promotion of abusive, obscene, threatening, unlawful and indecent information will lead to direct legal action. By using this site is a clear indication of abiding by our entire rules and regulations of by the most current version. By using this site, you agree to post your information on this site. In case you find anything objectionable, you are free not to use this service and post any information.