Age: 54
Sex: Male
Occupation: Employed
Orientation: Bi-Sexual
About Me: I am a mental health nurse who will be arriving in Townsville to work full time in the city. I am expecting to stay for around a year may be a little longer. I am a clean and tidy man spiritual not religious. I need a bed, shower and laundry. I also have a VW small van that I have converted. I am happy to sleep in the van and rent a car space from you as long as I can have access to shower, laundry etc.
Smoking: Non-smoker
User have: No pets
Phone Number: 0415652121

Looking For

Room Type: Don't care
Address: 12 Coronata Drive
Min Price: 50
Max Price: 120
Need From: 2021 Oct,09
Inclusive of: Electricity
Pet Allowed: Yes
Need Car Park: Yes

About Ideal Sharemate

Age From: Don't Care
Age To: Don't Care
Gender: Don't Care
Occupation: Don't care
Orientation: Don't care
Smokes: No
About ideal sharemate: It doesnt matter to me as long as s/he is clean, tidy and respectful