Age: 49
Sex: Female
Occupation: Employed
Orientation: Straight
About Me: To the Homeowner, I am a polite, respectful, helpful person. I love the outdoors, fishing, cooking, visiting new places, love animals. I am tidy, and happy to do chores around the house. I work 20-40 hours a week, depending on how busy it is. I am an easy going person, and I get along easily with others. Regards, Sal
Smoking: Non-smoker
User have: No pets
Phone Number: 0432 482 671

Looking For

Room Type: Semi Furnished
Min Price: $0.00
Max Price: $100.00
Need From: 2021 Jan,21
Inclusive of: Electricity , Internet
Pet Allowed: No
Need Car Park: Yes

About Ideal Sharemate

Age From: Don't Care
Age To: Don't Care
Gender: Don't Care
Occupation: Don't care
Orientation: Don't care
Smokes: No
About ideal sharemate: Easy going, Relaxed, clean. prefer non-smokers, or smokers outside.