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Do you have a room in Australia that you want to put for rent? If you are looking for a tenant or if you want to find a suitable share for your accommodation; we, at Rent a Room, bring the most functional platform for an online solution. Ours is a site where any accommodation host can search for perfect tenant suitable for your share accommodation.

What do you get?

At Rent a Room, we understand that it is very crucial for the host to search for trustworthy tenants with whom they will be perfectly comfortable to fit their needs. Therefore, when you find a tenant to share a room, you will get thorough and detailed information of potential tenants.

Our site registers details of potential tenants who can prove themselves suitable for you. From the details of their age, gender, orientation, and whether they have any pets or not, their profile is registered to our site. To make a search more trustworthy, we also bring images of them when you see their profile listing. If their profile suits your requirements, our search system also enables you to contact them and show an interest to have them as your tenants and share your room with them.

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Wu Wang

Age: 31
Sex: Female
Occupation: Employed
About ideal sharemate: Caring and honest personal to live with.






Age: 31
Sex: Male
Occupation: Other
About ideal sharemate: Nice, easy going trustworthy, honest, easy to talk to, sense of humour.


Age: 34
Sex: Male
Occupation: Student
About ideal sharemate: Hi ideal person! You as my ideal share-mate have an accuracy and conscious delivery to your balance of give and take in our interactions together and are a responsible human. When discussing and deciding chore load you do it without hypocrisy and you share the workload equally. As my ideal room sharer you mean what you say and you keep your word. You want dishes done everyday. You do not tollerate towels on floors or dirty sinks. You love my kitten like your own family and are an animal lover (Even better if you are vegan too) You as my ideal flatmate enjoy sharing my things because you are welcome to them when it balances out in give and take. You are as equally dedicated as possible to making the place a friendly and peaceful home as am I. (Less important this one coming, just a nice luxury potentially) You would also have a common interest and be able to do some things together like a project, professional, personal or about the house. You would love working with and playing with me as i do them and we would make contributions to each others joy with constant deposits and no withdrawals from the happy bank. My ideal room sharer would happily let me contribute ideas to how my room runs and how else we run some things. My ideal person is not burdened or frustrated by my presence. He/she knows me and sees not wicked intention in my heart, but the righteousness, diligence and efficiency inside. My person is not stuck in their ways and in return I am open to living in new ways around you. You are open to listening, as am I for you. MOST IMPORTANTLY... We become friends!!! Phew. Long yarn... Nice to meet you! :)