You are searching for a tenant to fill you room/s. Good luck with your search!!

Do you have a room in Australia that you want to put for rent? If you are looking for a tenant or if you want to find a suitable share for your accommodation; we, at Rent a Room, bring the most functional platform for an online solution. Ours is a site where any accommodation host can search for perfect tenant suitable for your share accommodation.

What do you get?

At Rent a Room, we understand that it is very crucial for the host to search for trustworthy tenants with whom they will be perfectly comfortable to fit their needs. Therefore, when you find a tenant to share a room, you will get thorough and detailed information of potential tenants.

Our site registers details of potential tenants who can prove themselves suitable for you. From the details of their age, gender, orientation, and whether they have any pets or not, their profile is registered to our site. To make a search more trustworthy, we also bring images of them when you see their profile listing. If their profile suits your requirements, our search system also enables you to contact them and show an interest to have them as your tenants and share your room with them.

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Age: 65
Sex: Male
Occupation: Employed
About ideal sharemate: quiet personality.


Age: 25
Sex: Female
Occupation: Employed
About ideal sharemate: Likes their own space but social at times. Not a partier. Quiet & clean. Healthy lifestyle



Age: 39
Sex: Female
Occupation: Employed
About ideal sharemate: ideally another couple but a single person would be ok too, working full time and ok with having friends over occassionally



Age: 20
Sex: Male
Occupation: Other
About ideal sharemate: ATM I’m at a risk of being on the streets so I ain’t to picky with who


Age: 19
Sex: Male
Occupation: Student
About ideal sharemate: Cooperative