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My name is Jeremy, my housemate/business partner Shannan (Who is a male haha!) and we are Digital Marketers working from home. We are relaxed and social, but also work alot. Our business is taking off so we can be working anywhere from early morning to past midnight. We've lived with backpackers and students for the last 7 years and love meeting new people. I have a girlfriend that lives in Germany who I met while she was backpacking in Australia and Shannan is single. We aren't clean freaks and don't sweat the small stuff, but like to keep the house tidy. Our landlords live across the street and as such we require tenants that can be respectful of this. We have 4 cats that are indoor/outdoor and love a pat. Their names are Fridge, Freezer, Microwave and Griller! On that note, we do go away for work every now and then and really appreciate house mates that can help feed the cats while we're gone. We are both smokers, but this is kept outside. We love a chat and to hangout with our housemates and would prefer people that are the same. We try to get out camping every couple of months and often go hiking in Morialta, which is only 1.5km away. We are both Aussie's and grew up in Canberra, but have lived in Adelaide for 7 years, the past 2 being in this house. We are a little bit silly and weird but it's always in good fun and as such don't take life or ourselves too seriously. (The banter is strong between us). We are ambitious and have big goals in life and are very open minded. And last but not least we do enjoy the occasional houseparty and having mates over, but all of our friends are beautiful people that will befriend you too. It's a low stress household and prefer to have people that are also stress free.
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Electricity , Internet
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Saturday, 9 March, 2019
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Outside Only
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As you would have seen from the photos it is a massive house, with beautiful Spanish style architecture and views of the hills from the lounge room upstairs. It's very unique and of an older style. The bedrooms for rent are 3.2 x 4.5m, so much room for activities! one of these is currently set up as an office, but this will be emptied before you move in. There is a washing machine, but no dryer in a large laundry. Wi-fi & Netflix. Fireplaces in the dining and loungrooms + a firepit out the back. There is a 2 car garage, but this is used for storage, there is also a workshop out the back, which is full of junk but can be cleaned up for use if required. Big backyard (No gates). Shannan has an en-suite in his room, but there is 2 other toilets and a shared bathroom also. The house is fully furnished, and the bedrooms can be provided with a queen size bed and side table, but you are welcome to bring your own furniture. It's a quiet street and the neighbours are all nice, their is families next door one with primary school age children, but they are pretty quiet and will sometimes pop their heads over the fence to say g'day. We don't have a dishwasher, you are welcome to bring one if you like but we just wash things straight after use. The garden is nice too, weeds grow like crazy but Shannan keeps on top of it so it's always presentable. Most of the house is carpeted, except the kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas. And this weird little spot in the centre of the house that has a home made bar in it. Loads of windows and natural light. Aircon in the dining and a fan in the loungeroom upstairs. We usually keep some floor level windows slightly open for the cats the get in and out, which also keeps the house fresh with good airflow. The cats only go to the bathroom outside so no need to worry about litter box smells, but be ware that you will get cat hair on you.
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Don't care
Outside only
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Someone reliable, friendly and relaxed. Clean freaks will go mad here, but you have to be tidy. Must be able to pay rent weekly. Most importantly someone that is engaging, fun and we can be friends with. Not interested in hermits or overly sensitive people.